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Mar 7, 2010

15 Rules for Boys Not Found in the Bible (and 7 Which Are)

Boys will be boys…until they’re told enough times not to.

15 Rules we give our boys that you won’t find taught in the Bible:

1. No roughhousing.
2. Sit still.
3. No running.
4. Get down from there.
5. Quit fooling around.
6. Don’t play with matches.
7. Put that knife away.
8. Don’t get dirty.
9. Get back in the house.
10. No burping, belching, farting, or blowing snot bubbles.
11. Be quiet.
12. No shooting, not even for pretend, not even with your fingers.
13. Leave your little brother alone.
14. Tie your shoes, tuck in your shirt, and comb your hair.
15. Can’t you be more like your sister?

Now, 7 Rules for boys (and men) you WILL find in the Bible:

1. Run! Run the race until it’s won (1 Cor 9:24, Heb 12:1). Run away from sin (1 Cor 6:18). Run from an adulterous woman (Gen 39:7-12).

2. Get dirty! Subdue the earth (Gen 1:28), work the land (Prov 28:19), get sweaty (Gen 3:19).

3. Speak up, proclaim, and shout! (Mat 10:7, Col 1:28, 2 Chron 13:15)

4. Climb a tree or even a mountain when you need to! To meet with God (Ex 19:20), to see Jesus (Luke 19:2-6), even to make love to your wife (Song of Solomon 7:6-8).

5. Go out into the world! (Mark 16:15, John 17:18)

6. Know how to make a weapon out of anything! Out of a rock (1 Sam 17:40,49-50), some cords (John 2:13-16), or even a donkey’s jaw bone (Judges 15:15-16).

7. Forget tucking in your shirt, gird your loins! (Job 38:3)

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