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Mar 29, 2010

Real Dogs and Wimpy Men

Would you believe that our modern society may be more concerned with helping our dogs reclaim their true nature as real dogs than we are with the identity crisis of human men?  I wouldn't have until I saw an advertisement from Alpo for Real Dogs.  It's actually a cool ad campaign and I love the concept.  They have a series of TV commercials showing pampered dogs getting bubble baths or dressed in silly little skirts with a slogan warning to "Get that dog some Alpo!"  A page on their web site states that "Real dogs drool and dig.  They strut their stuff, mark their turf, chew things up, and roll in dirt.  They eat and sleep with supreme gusto."  They even have a Real Dog Handbook, a how-to manual for dogs who have "lost their inner dog-ness."

Great concept, and yes, like I wrote earlier about my mouse catching cat, I think many of our dogs have not been allowed to be real dogs.  Case in point, one of my two dogs.  I have a real dog.  My wife and step-daughter also have a dog who needs some help sometimes finding his inner dog-ness.  I'll let you figure out which is which below.

But what about us men?  Does anyone care about us reclaiming our nature as real men?  What's more of a danger to our world after all, pampered pets or wussified men?  Don't we need to worry about us men, or just our over-domesticated dogs? 

To answer this with a big dose of irony, let me show you something.  I first came across the Alpo Real Dog campaign through a contest I saw on a NASCAR website.  There was a link for the Real Dog contest and ad at  But when I first hit, a (supposedly) random pop-up ad flashed onto my screen for another event they were sponsoring.  Here's what I saw when I was just trying to enter my tough bulldog in the Real Dog contest I found while reading about stock car racing :

This is an ad for the inaugural Gay & Lesbian Consumer Conference, an event designed to help "300 brand marketers, creative officers, media executives, and entertainment moguls" "win a stake in the $700 billion gay and lesbian market," estimated at over 15 million individuals and which the Wall Street Journal called a "dream market."

Wow, how our world has strayed from God's laws.  What Scripture refers to as sinful, impurity, degrading, a lie, shameful, unnatural, indecent, and perversion - all in just two verses of several addressing the issue in the Bible - our society sees as a "dream market" of affluent, double-income-no-children customers to be marketed to.

So you tell me, with all the attacks on authentic, Biblical masculinity in our society, do we need a campaign for Real Dogs or Real Men?  Quick, get that man some Scripture!

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