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Mar 19, 2010

Whose Man Are You?

As men, we seem to carry as many labels as we do responsibilities. Our lives are a constant balancing act between often conflicting priorities and demand on us in our many roles. Our character is tested by how we juggle these demands while trying to stay true to what we really consider important. What we call ourselves (or what others call us) helps to identify us, define our priorities, and distinguish us from other men who may choose to go by different titles. But when we settle on a single label, it also defines our primary role or our main priorities.

So what kind of man are you?

Are you a family man or are you a company man?

Do you dress and act more like a college boy or a working man?

Does the old Styx song Blue Collar Man remind you of yourself or just those guys down at the construction site? Do you follow Lynyrd Skynyrd’s call to be a Simple Man?

Maybe you see yourself as a ladies man? Or are you such a manly man that even your buddies at the gym consider you a real man’s man?

Hopefully you’re not known as a mamma’s boy. And even Christian guys rarely want to be called a choir boy. Don’t be a girly man or Hans and Frans will have to “Pump, you up!”

Useless Trivia Fact: Did you know that the term G-Man, slang for an FBI agent, originally came from the label of Government Man? Well now you do.

There are many labels we may wear, but what do they really say about us? If we look at the dictionary definitions of some of these terms we’ll see some key concepts that might explain what labels convey about us.

A family man is “a man devoted to his family and home.”  
   Nothing wrong with that, right?

A ladies man is “a man who strives especially to please women and to attract their attention and admiration.”
   OK, maybe not the highest calling for a man, but not too dangerous.

A company man is “an employee whose allegiance to his employer comes before personal beliefs or loyalty to fellow workers.”
   Warning Will Robinson, warning!

Notice the concepts in these definitions of allegiance, devotion, and loyalty. There’s also the idea of striving to please a particular group of people. These ideas relate to our focus and priorities.

So when you willingly (or unwillingly) take on one of these labels, you’re stating something about your life’s purpose and priorities. You’re telling the world what you as a man find important and who you’re trying to please.

With that in mind, is there any label that you would rather wear than Man of God?

However you want to phrase it - men of God, Godly men, or as one ministry calls them, God Men - these men have the following traits defining them:
  • Their ultimate allegiance, loyalty, and devotion are to Jesus Christ alone.
  • They put pleasing and obeying God above pleasing all others, including themselves or even those they love.
  • Their identity is found in their Christ likeness and their self worth is counted by the price that Christ paid to save them from their own sins.
  • Their priorities in all aspects of life are centered on their world view as fallen but forgiven sinners, redeemed and restored disciples, and graciously saved and sanctified new creations in Christ.
That’s a Man of God!

So how do you want to be known? What label best identifies you to others?  In other words, whose man are you?

And whose man am I?  As imperfect of an example as I’m sure to be, I’ll simply strive to be God’s man, that’s who!

1 comment:

  1. It's all about where you get your identity. When I forget that my identity is grounded in Christ, and nothing else, I lose my way.