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Aug 24, 2010

America's Broken Men

In an article on, titled “Why Won’t a Real Man Stand Up?”, Robert Morley details the growing fear and uncertainty in our economy and society and proves the point by citing that “doomsday shelters” are being constructed at the fastest rate in the last 30 years, dating all the way back to the last decade of the Cold War. Causes for this fear are said to come from a failing economy, faltering and untrustworthy government, endless wars, the budget deficit and national debt, unemployment, and even recent resurgence in racial tensions.

So what is the solution to these overwhelming problems? One potential answer offered comes from Paul Ferrell of the Wall Street Journal, who says it will take a feminist revolution to solve these issues. In fact, Ferrell is quoted as saying that “Unless women take control of Wall Street and America, ‘The End’ is near.”

Fortunately, Morley rejects this view as naïve and points out correctly that the problem is not that more women aren’t in high positions of leadership in our society, it’s that America's men are failing as men and as leaders.

But it is also a sad reflection of the state of true, righteous, masculine leadership in America today. Where are the real men? Gone are the leaders who stand up for right, for good—regardless of the political cost. Gone are the leaders who call a spade a spade because it is a spade and not because it is just politically correct. Gone are the men who lead on principle as opposed to polls.

Is it any wonder that America is falling apart so rapidly? It's men are broken.
Yes, in our society today, our men are broken and ineffective in so many ways. Our lack of authentic Biblical male leadership is not just destroying our homes, our churches, and our communities, but even our nation and society as a whole. Is the answer for more women to take the lead due to our failings as men, or is it time for us to stand up as real men and assume the leadership roles God created us to fill?

How different could our world be if the men in charge made decisions based on Biblical principles rather than expediency or popular opinion? Would our economy be in such shambles if more men leading at home decided that their family didn’t need that big house they knew they could never afford or didn’t look to other people and the government to provide for their family instead of filling their God given role as provider themselves? What if powerful men ruling our nations sought to turn the other cheek and spread the Gospel of peace throughout the world rather than trying to conquer it for profit and pride? What if the men thought of as leaders in their communities respected one another as children made in the image of God, rather than viewing each other according to color, language, income, or national origin? What if more dads at home focused on modeling and teaching values to their own sons and daughters rather than letting Hollywood, government schools, and their children’s peers mold them instead?

Yes, many of our men today are broken to the point of failure. Most of us are at least a little cracked or chipped even as we try our best to lead, serve, and love. But thanks to a Redeemer God who has given us all the instructions and examples for life we need, there is hope. We need to be broken, but only in spirit, as the Psalmist said, with a “broken and contrite heart.”  In practice, we broken men need to Man Up and assume our proper place as leaders in our world. Pray with me today for God to break us of our own sin and complacency, but then to build us up into the men He wants us, and the hurting world needs us, to be.

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