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Jan 1, 2011

“We Serve a God of Second Chances” – Joe Gibbs

I just read a great article on (a NASCAR news site) about the ministry work of Joe Gibbs. If you’re either a football or racing fan, you probably know Coach Gibbs. For those who don’t, Joe Gibbs was the Hall of Fame coach of the Washington Redskins in the NFL and is the current owner of the Joe Gibbs Racing team in NASCAR. As such, he has the unique distinction of having both three Super Bowl victories as well as three NASCAR championships.

But this article, entitled “A Higher Calling: Joe Gibbs is winning more than races in his 'Game Plan For Life’”, we read about his speaking and writing ministry, including his work with prisoners. One particular quote from Coach Gibbs really caught my attention. Gibbs told a large group of prisoners in South Carolina that “we serve a God of second chances.”

For those of us who regret mistakes in our past (and who doesn’t?), this is indeed Good News. God not only forgives us when we repent, but he even gives us second chances to dust ourselves off and try again. Think of all the examples of this in the Bible.

Moses was a murderer and a reluctant leader who argued with God. Sampson failed multiple times before he finally came through in the end. Peter denied Christ three times even after Jesus warned him that he would. Saul persecuted God’s people before he was transformed into Paul through an encounter with Christ. Yet look at what God was able to do through these men after he gave them all second chances.

I appreciate the gospel message that Joe Gibbs is spreading to a hurting world full of fallen sinners. And as one of those sinners, with many regrets from my past, I am thankful to God for forgiveness and second chances. Now it’s up to me to make the most of God’s grace in my life and the new opportunities to serve and glorify him in the future. What about you men? What will you do in this New Year with the second chances God is giving you?

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