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Jul 16, 2011

Where Did I Go?

At the advice of Brett Clemer from Man in the Mirror I made a goal this year to post to my blog more often, even on a more or less regular schedule. But you may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything lately. I’m sure no one has their life on hold just anxiously waiting for my next insightful blog entry, but still, I ask for your patience.

We’ve had an unusually busy couple of months, both with blessings and trials, and these have kept me occupied and away from my web site. I’ve been trying to help my wife Michele who lost her mother and has been handling the affairs of her late parents’ estate. I also just finished the largest project at work I’ve had in at least six or seven years. And there have been still more days when events related to my sons and my former life have surfaced again and sapped my attention, my time, and my energy. But thankfully we also got to spend a refreshing week in the Smoky Mountains on vacation, have completed some overdue home improvement projects, and are enjoying our summer with friends and family.

Maybe most importantly, I’ve also managed to get outdoors by myself a few times to reflect and pray. I find kayaks, mountain bikes, and hiking boots especially good tools for escaping life’s business and getting alone with God. Sometimes we just have to go through more of life before we have anything new to say. I’ll be back to writing soon enough. Thanks for understanding.

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